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Valuation report

Our top priority is an objective and detailed examination.


To this end, various forensic and scientific methods are regularly used during our examinations so that we can incorporate objective, scientific findings into our expert opinions.

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Valuation report

Originality and authenticity

Fälschern auf der Spur mit wissenschaftlichen Methoden aus der Kriminaltechnik


- scientific analysis of materials
- Clarification of the originality and authenticity of historical components
-scientific and objective search for traces and evidence

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Originality and authenticity

Damage appraisal classic car

For racing and sports cars, classic cars and motorbikes - all special motor vehicles!


Wir stehen seit 1986 für das, was sich jeder Autofahrer im Schadenfall wünscht: eine schnelle, transparente und kompetente Betreuung. Wir kommen zu Ihnen oder Ihre Wunschwerkstatt und begutachten Ihr Fahrzeug vor Ort.

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Damage appraisal classic car


Everything about buying and selling, repairs, restorations, originality, value and market assessment.


- Restoration and repair support
- Vehicle condition assessment and advice on conservation, value enhancement and preservation of cultural assets
- Advice on Concours d'Elegance

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E-cars / Hybrid

The electrical components must already be examined when assessing accident damage to an electric / hybrid vehicle.


Only qualified personnel are authorised to carry out repairs on such vehicles. Due to the high-voltage system, electrically instructed personnel are required.

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E-cars / Hybrid

Damage appraisal

For new and used cars
We are there for you in the liability and comprehensive damage area!


With an advanced combination of concentrated expertise and digital progress, we serve our clients with the individual urgency and attention they need, on the spot!

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Damage appraisal
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Seasons Greetings 2022

Es ist wieder soweit. Die Tage werden kürzer, der Schnee verzaubert die Landschaft und unsere Schätze stehen in den Garagen. Wir möchten uns bei Ihnen für ein erfolgreiches Jahr 2022 bedanken. Sie haben uns mit vielen spannenden Themen beschäftigt, mit tollen Herausforderungen und wir durften ungewöhnliche Fahrzeuge besichtigen.

Kukuk-Weihnachtstour 2022

Weihnachtstour 2022 – Seit 1988 besuchen wir jedes Jahr unsere Kunden und Freunde, bedanken uns für das erfolgreiche Jahr und planen gemeinsame neue Projekte für das neue Jahr. Hier ist ein kleiner Einblick in unsere diesjährige Tour!

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Overview of our natural science services

We place the greatest value on: Professional competence, quality and transparency

Material analysis by means of spectrometry

  • Spectrometry, as a forensic scientific method of checking the originality and authenticity of a vehicle, has been used in our engineering office since 1986.
  • Dating of metallic materials
  • Non-invasive, mobile and can be used at any time
  • Comparative studies
  • Verification of year of manufacture and manufacturer period
  • Cooperation with sworn material analysts, chemical laboratories and universities

Material thickness measurement

  • Ultrasound for coating thickness measurement of paint and metal
  • by means of eddy current, magnetic inductive or ultrasound method
  • Comparison of the values with the technical drawings of the vehicle manufacturer
  • Sheet metal thickness measurement for originality testing and safety
  • for determining the initial paint, filler and paint build-up and the quality of sheet metal, fibreglass and carbon surfaces

Magneto Optical Method

  • Matching Number Verification
  • Revealing hidden digits, double strokes, grinding marks
  • For almost 7 years we have been able to examine embossed markings on vehicles NON-INVASIVELY and in 95 % of the cases we have a meaningful result.

3D scan / model

  • 3D scan for damage and repair assessment
  • Spare parts production
  • Supporting the restoration e.g. by making a tapping model
  • Comparative investigation and detailed assessment
  • Evaluation of repair and restoration

2D and 3D X-ray

  • Material failure e.g. cracks and blowholes in the material core
  • Material compaction recognisable
  • Imprinting examination

History research

€ from250.00

Certificate / data card procurement

€ from100.00

Oil analysis

  • Determine wear condition
  • Early problem detection before damage occurs
  • Estimation of life expectancy
  • Conclusions about vehicle condition
  • % wear determination

Weld seam inspection

€ from50.00
  • Visual inspection: welding procedure, quality, positioning
  • FEP (dye penetrant testing)
  • PT test method
  • Non-destructive materials testing


€ from50.00
  • Visual and assembly-free inspection of individual components (cylinders and cavities in the vehicle frame) e.g. for corrosion and rust detection
  • Inspection of the cylinder to detect engine damage
  • Assessment of the condition of individual cavities

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Sie sind ebenfalls im Oldtimerwesen unterwegs und wir würden uns sehr über Ihre Teilnahme an unserer Erhebung freuen!

Eine repräsentative Abfrage und Erhebung von Stundenverrechnungssätzen insbesondere im Bereich der Oldtimer und Sonderfahrzeuge gibt es nicht. Die DEKRA Erhebung zu den Stundenverrechnungssätzen wird den oldtimerspezifischen Anforderungen nicht gerecht. Daher haben wir uns dazu entschlossen nun jährlich eine Befragung bei repräsentativen Oldtimer-Fachbetrieben durchzuführen.